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Thread: Like God smacks us for thinking bad thoughts, Codes P1884 (35), P1590 &P0335

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    Default Like God smacks us for thinking bad thoughts, Codes P1884 (35), P1590 &P0335

    So this disco is killing me. I was getting the three Amigos as well but a new front hub and axle seal seems to have fixed that part of it. So now she starts up and runs great (new rear ground strap, new engine crank position sensor, all the wires checked and re-loomed (is that a word?) including thru the hole under the gear shifters, tranny position switch was taken apart and checked (no wear really) but she still doesn't want to be happy. So we're driving down the road about 50mph and it feels like you ran over a 4" dia pipe (only one jolt though). The "check engine soon" light flashes but doesn't stay on, the two green gear lights and the "D" for drive go flashing and you're only allowed third gear. Pull out the HawkEye Total reader and find the following codes:

    Live transmission data shows something weird:

    Gear Switch
    1000 Invalid (P) ------------so she's in park, but why Invalid?
    Program Selector
    OPEN-------------------------If you hit the Mode button for sport it's apparently a momentary close

    Rest of the Codes:

    Tranny - P1884 CAN Message (Engine Speed) Invalid. INTERMITTENT.

    Engine - P1590, Rough Road Signal, Implausible Value, Fault not present and static
    P0335, Reference Mark, Transduce (Reluctor Wheel) Value Not Plausible. Fault NOT Present and Intermittent.

    Restart and all lights go away and you're off to the next surprise approximately 15-30 minutes in. WTF.

    Has anybody solved this one? Is this a possible scenario for brake pads catching randomly? I've had no floods, the fuse box looks fine, the rest of the grounds look fine, the mice didn't get to the wiring under the dash or by the computer on the footwell wall.

    Bill Daly, Brookline NH I can't build any acoustic guitars 'till I get this Disco figured out.

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    You'll probably find more help over at "DiscoWeb". They mainly deal with all years of Discoverys.

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