Hello. Another day....another question : ). 1969 2A 88" Rover diff pinion oil seal. I ordered PLE187 which is the Rovers North Pro Line part. The seal has a ring spring on both sides. Which side faces in? My assumption is the side with the step goes to the inside. See pictures below. Whichever side faces out will be enclosed by the drive flange mud shield. Would it make sense to pack this space with some bearing grease?

Also the new seal is nothing like the one that was a real pain to extract. What I assume is the original seal was a metal case packed with leather. Well after 52 years the leather is more like crumbled bits. FYI. Anyone having to remove this I found that a few old stub axle oil seal collars are perfect to use to extract the seal in a vice (I have just recently done all 4 of these). Tried quite a few alternate methods with no success. Thanks in advance on the oil seal orientation question and grease or not. Cheers, Tom

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