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Thread: 68 series 2 rear hub needed

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    Resurrecting an old thread here. Iíve got two different rear hubs to rebuild and Iíd like to stick with original. One has gussets on the inside the other is smooth casting. Iím referring to the inside outer face of the hub that rides between the brake pads.

    Both are off a Ď65. Is one early s2 and the other S2A?

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    The 1961 model year was the changeover from Series 2 to 2A, so if your truck is a 1968 model year it will be a Series 2A. There were many changes over the production years for the Series 2A, with the major changes indicated by the different Suffix letters. I have typically swapped out the screw-in stud hubs for the late S2A or early S3 hubs with the larger and stronger metric splined studs.


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