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Thread: anyone need a series 3 windshield frame?

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    Default anyone need a series 3 windshield frame?

    I have a series 3 windshield frame I dont need. Galv is in great shape. Just dont need it came in a pile of parts with my project. I need to rid myself these parts I dont need..dont have the room.I dont like selling on ebay anymore. Also have a tubular 2.25 petrol aftermarket exhaust header I dont need...I offered that up once before with no response so its going in the recycling bin but still have it if anyone wants it. PM if interested...i dont want any money for the stuff, pay your own shipping..happy to pass it along...thx

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    Hi there
    Thanks for the post
    Please let me know where you are located, I may have someone interested in the parts.


    Les Parker

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    im in the milwaukee area Les

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    Iím curious about what that header looks like and where the drop is for the down pipe. Shipping is probably going to be too much of a pain but if you were up for it then PM me.

    I have an SU side draft carb and intake header that has always fought the standard exhaust header.

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