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Thread: Front Drum to Disc Brakes

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    Default Front Drum to Disc Brakes

    I am researching kits to switch my 1979 Series 3 from Drum brakes in the front to disc brakes. I wanted to reach out to the group and see if anyone has suggestions for kits they have used. I have found a few different kits online but am not sure which one is the best. Anyone have any recommendations?

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    I haven't used any of the kits yet...but, like you, I was researching them for a while.I ended up doing a new power boosted drum system instead. I may do the disc's and calipers later to the full disc's.

    My main complaints were the implementation. The kits I saw fell into two categories: using later Land Rover parts, or using North American (Chevy) disc's and calipers.

    I've had a hot rod that was Frankenstein parts before. I had a 1941 Chevy with a 1968 Camaro front suspension and Disc brakes. I'll tell you, finding parts was a nightmare. So many parts interchange. You couldn't just go to a parts book or computer. Pain in the ass.

    So, I would be inclined to go with the custom machined Land Rover Defender or later parts. At least then whoever is working on it can recognize the parts.

    Just my 2 cents. Good luck.
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