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Thread: series galvanized tailgate cap?

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    Default series galvanized tailgate cap?

    Ive been looking hi and low..I have an aftermarket aluminum tailgate and would like to add the galv top cap. Cant find one..well I did in italy on ebay..too much shipping...anyone know of a source let me know...searched our host and didnt find one either..thx much

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    Perhaps a piece of galvanized trim from another part of a Landy can be used?

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    I cut my door in half when I restored my truck so I could remove the top part when the Landy's top was removed. I believe I got the galvanized trim from our hosts. Not a perfect match, but it works. I think it was from the top of the bulkhead behind the seats. Top, BTW, is held on the same way as the side door tops are. Third hinge added for obvious reasons.

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    i've never seen that before. It looks great, what a job. i haul a lot of stuff in mine with the top on or off and always have to keep a eye on what's back there. I've never had a problem with the rear door flexing or anything and would be very reluctant to cut it but i'd think a small job shop would fabricate a door bottom for not a lot of effort? they'd at least make the pieces for you to weld and paint up?

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    Thats nice Erik,well done! mine is configured as a swing open..nice for loading the pups.. Will be painting this winter...Ill try a seat bulkhead cap when its done. Thanks
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    did you build that? it looks awesome. Of course you know the 'lift' gate hinges are welded onto the frame (visible in your photo)
    but i've always preferred 'ambulance doors'. The new chevy tahoes did away with the swinging doors on the rear too, I do not know why they are not more popular?

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    Wish I could take credit for it a Jimrr..very talented welder made it as well as a stainless fuel tank for my series. Im not that talented with a spool gun.

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