Okay, I'm trying something out.

Folks here have been telling me I need to put the feelers out to find a good deal. So, here goes...

My next project is a gearbox. I've got no one local who can do it...they all send it out, anyway. So, I'm in the market for a Series 3 gearbox. I want a standard LT76, preferably a later (suffix "D"?) as I've been reading these are more robust. But honestly, I just want "of equal or better quality" as I've got. I don't need a tank gearbox...and I'm not cutting up and re-welding to shoehorn in a later gearbox. Just stock part swapping.

It needs to be 100% rebuilt, and under the $3700 our hosts are asking. I don't need a lifetime warranty. But I'm not spending $2k-$4k and a month later I get weird noises or grinding. It needs to be professionally built, with proper endplay, etc. No backyard mechanic. I want it from a reputable shop.

Any leads would be much appreciated.