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Thread: Brake help! Pedal goes to the floor…at first

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    Just wanted to give a quick update on what I have been able to do so far. I was able to clamp off all flexible hoses and got good pressure. Then released clamps one by one and checked, isolated, and bled each one (rear, left front, right front). I got good pressure and pedal. The isolated front vs rear and got good pedal on just front and just rear. Then when the whole system was free I had a soft pedal again. Going to try to bleed the shuttle valve next. Wanted to update just in case this helps anyone to narrow the issue down and help me figure this out. Thanks for all the advice!

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    If you're confident you've removed all air and the pedal WILL stay positioned with your foot on it then i'd suspect something going on with one of the brake shoes but it can be hard to get all the air out sometimes. maybe try advancing the adjuster till the shoes are up tight and see where the pedal is?

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