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Thread: Zenith Carburetor Replacement Hardware

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    Default Zenith Carburetor Replacement Hardware

    Does anyone know what the specs are for the idle speed screw on a Zenith 36IV carburetor? During some test drives, the screw backed itself out.

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    The Workshop manual does not list an initial setting for the screw but I would screw it right in and then back it off about 1 1/2 turns & then finally adjust to give a smooth idle as per the workshop manual when engine is hot. If I remember correctly the screw should have a lock nut on it to prevent it from vibrating out . Early carbs. had a spring between the screw head and carb body but this was later changed to the lock nut , so there was certainly an issue with it coming loose.

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    'The specs' for adjusting it or replacing it? [Like thread size, etc.] To keep it from backing out again you might try s small spot of blue Loctite on the threads. Another ?: is your "ZENITH" a real ZENITH or the far-East knockoff? (The real 1 says ZENITH on the side of the float chamber, and the difference is a polar opposite!!!) As in the real item vs. garbage. (As in 'garbagerator')

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