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Thread: Bio-diesel and old injection pumps

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    I have a 1983 Series 3 diesel - 2.25L. Recently the injection pump started leaking. Now I am faced with replacing the pump. A couple of weeks before the leak started I had put some biodiesel fuel in it - stopped at a station and that is all they had - I needed fuel. It may be a coincidence but could the biodiesel have deteriorated the seals in the pump? Since these pumps are also used on lots of tractor brands and farmers may put almost anything in them I would think that the pumps would be using seals that would resist damage from just about anything. While 1983 is a few years back it was not the dark ages when real rubber was used. Anyone have experience using biodiesel in their Series LRs? Advice / comments welcomed.


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    my condolences! I wouldn't suspect this a issue but we are dealing with british rubber compounds and we all know how they react to dot 3 brake fluid so...... possibly but there should be someone around who could answer this?

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    @jvsimmons: You can do an experiment!

    Take new versions of your seals and dunk them in cooking oil. Leave them in there for a few months. Throw some in regular 30w oil. Compare after a few months.

    Let us know what you find out!
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