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Thread: Registering a Land Rover in Connecticut

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    Default Registering a Land Rover in Connecticut

    I'm moving to Connecticut and would like to get my 1970 IIA registered as a daily driver rather than as a historical vehicle, as it is now. Does anyone know what requirements it would need to meet?

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    if it's stock, it should be easy to register as a regular car. best bet is to call the dmv ........... or the website. I know I know ...
    getting within 2 blocks of a dmv is a 'danger area' any more!

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    @Andy: I would do the usual: Check their website, etc.

    Another tip is, if you have AAA, their offices can help with some registration services. And they often only have 1 person in line, vs 3 hours at the DMV.

    But, I had a hell of a time in California with my '73. They made me get the VIN authenticated because there was no VIN in the 1970's and they didn't trust that flimsy plate loosely screwed onto my seatbox with the LR Serial number. Of course, the 19 year old kid at the DMV inspection area knew nothing about cars before they sent me to have the Highway Patrol confirm my Serial number. I had to get an appointment 2 months later (soonest they had) and finally got it verified. By the way, the verification was the officer Googling where the SN was on the front-right spring hanger on the frame. I pointed it out to her, but she acted like it was secret knowledge I wasn't supposed to know about. I love 'casual' car experts...just get out of my way if you don't know what you're looking at...that's how I feel lately.

    Anyway, I hope Connecticut is easier. But you might want to ask if a VIN number verification is required...and call for an appointment sooner than later. FYI.

    Good news is you can get an extension, usually, so you can drive around with a paper taped to your back window and your old plates. So you have time. But it's annoying. At least it was in my state. Good luck.
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