Will try to be brief. 1971 88" late 2A.

Reverse lights not working.

Pics show original Lucas reverse switch slider isn't being pushed by the black metal tab when reverse is engaged. The tab is too low and missing the slider trigger...
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Cause seems because the reverse selector rod is rotated 'outward', which directly results in the black push tab rotating downward, and becoming too low, ie: black push tab moves as one with the shift selector rod.

Pic shows reverse selector rod rotated outward...
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I can get the reverse selector rod/black tab back to vertical with gentle hammer taps on a piece of wood but when engaging reverse again the rod and black tab just rotate again and the tab is back to being too low.

I have a temporary solution until there's time to remove the gearbox cover (internet pic below) and try tightening the reverse fork/arm mounting clamp bolt at the selector rod (red circle in below pic).

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...But a few questions before doing/trying all that:

1. Does the selector rod have a notch or groove in it that the reverse fork/arm clamp sits in when tightened? (ie: curious if the rod could slide back and forth in the arm/fork mounting clamp if the clamp bolt is too loose?)

2. How tight should the arm's clamp bolt be... is there a torque spec? (no luck finding it yet)

3. Assuming my 'loose bolt' diagnosis is the cause, is there any harm driving it for a while with the reverse selector rod rotated? (aside from at some point possibly not being able to get into reverse)

Thanks much.