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Thread: Clutch removal without a hoist - a cautionary tale

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    Default Clutch removal without a hoist - a cautionary tale

    I've been working on my clutch this week. I needed to pull the transmission back far enough for me to see if the clutch plate was frozen to the flywheel. I don't have a hoist and saw on a thread you could possibly use ratchet straps on the top hoops. So I gave it a go. Getting things disconnected wasn't horrible. Although I did need to disconnect the Frame bracket for the hand brake. Was able to get it back far enough to pull the pressure plate off and out dropped the clutch plate. So it was a waste.

    From there, getting the transmission mated back up to the flywheel was painful. The ratchet straps pulled the transmission towards the back and I basically had to bench press the thing in place while aligning the shaft into the clutch plate. My sons heard a few new words, and eventually after a day of working on my max bench, we finally got it mounted up.

    In short, it is possible to replace the clutch without pulling the seat box or the whole transmission, but you should invest in a hoist to make life easier.

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    my condolences !! ......... anytime i've gone that far into it i've just pulled the xmission/xfer but i'd think if you wanted to drop the aft drive line you could get enough room there but the shift levers will no doubt interfere..........
    unless you know what the issue is it's probably a lock to remove the deck, seats etc. and do it all BUT: like they say, a good mechanic doesn't do anything till he knows what the problem is !?!?

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