I haven't done much to my '73 - 88 since two summers ago and today added about 3 gallons of 90 weight!! wth? I noticed the wire (from a possible original learther seal) intruding into the fill hole of the LF Hub so that's shot but the RF leaks much worse.
My 2 year old tie rod ends are krap, I won't mention where they came from but the last ones made it 48 years!
I replaced a Left side xmission mount and WHAT A DIFFERENCE !! It's getting hard to keep up with the failures. I've owned it since new, it'll probably always run but it hurts to see things failing like this.
One day it'll go into the shop (being built) and i'll drive my series 2, ((after new main bearings & seals).
............. they take a lick'in and keep on ticking !!