I figure it would be good to document the adventure of getting my Rover up and running.

A group of my friends who all have 4x4s posted a link to the craigslist ad for this rig in our group text. I was busy and only glanced at the ad, seeing a nice vintage Rover at a low price I presumed it to be a scam and moved on with my day. Hours later there were dozens of texts on the Rover topic so i took a closer look. This 1965 Series 2a was listed as having a Ford 289 engine conversion, and that motor was seized. That explains the reasonable price. Beyond the motor issue, the rest of the rig was very straight and complete. The seller has both the tropical top and a truck cab top, extra windows for the front doors and a spare rear door. Also a small box of misc parts. The original radiator support panel was not present, but a passable replacement had been fabricated in plywood by the seller.

I see this as a fun project oportnity for one of my daughters and I, so reached out to the seller, who had received several calls on the truck. I was near his location so he agreed to meet right away, and I got to see the rig in person. In person what i was seeing seemed to line up with what the seller reported. Some of the front end had been repainted with rustoleum household oil based enamel by brush.

I have zero familiarity with Land Rovers, but I'm quite experienced in general with older 4x4s as I have a 76 Toyota Landcruiser FJ40 that is well sorted. At the time I didnt know to look for rust on the bulk head, or frame. I did generally look for rust, which isn't much of an issue here in the arid high desert of idaho. Seeing no red flags I bought the rig.