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    I have a clutch question on my series 3 88. Its a project ive put back together after being off the road for about 10 years. Im flying without a green bible and my haynes manual is better suited as a firestrarter. My clutch is new, new hard lines, new flex (braided SS) new master cyl. new remote bleed set up..I bled it and everything works fine...been driving it...clutch engages and disengages properly, pedal is firm..not too soft not too hard...problem is my pedal always goes to the floor when i shift...but no issues..feels firm but never hits that extra firm hydraulic stop that my brakes do...pedal height is 5.5" off floor. Any advice much appreciated

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    Sounds fairly normal to me. Do you remember it feeling differently? Or have you driven another one that's different?

    I'm tempted to say "if it ain't broke don't fix it"

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    My first landy erik…first time driving one..bought it as a project…just got it on the road for the first time…so no way to make a comparison…I absolutely love it though …reminds me of my old Willy’s.

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    Sounds normal to me . There is no hydraulic stop as you put it. As long as the clutch releases and engages ,its OK

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    Thanks much for the input..good to know.

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    there is no ''bottom'' to the clutch. hydrostatic clutch allows for differing temp expansion, plate thickness, machining tolerances etc. this insures the plate will have tension on it right into the rivits! it should have initial pressure when pressed including the spring that brings it all the way to the top. mine isn't doing that right now as it leaks like a sieve and the plates are about finished (after 45+ years!)
    do not expect a stiff pedal at the bottom, once the plate releases the tension change is hardly discernable .... remember, these things were built next door to Jaguar and incorporated some inovation and quality, even luxury designs!

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