69 series 2a 109 -- I replaced my master/slave/flex line last year. Ever since, I have been unable to nail the proper pedal and slave setting. I've bled it, reverse bled it & It seems like there isn't any air.

I can start it in 1st with the clutch pedal down and it seems to operate to as it will move forward as I release the clutch and apply gas - same for reverse. But if started out of gear it will not go into gear and just grinds. Which leads me to believe the plate isn't stuck.

I've got the green bible and have been trying to set the pedal and slave but am either totally dislexic or something is not right.

Here is a folder of pics of where things are set and a video showing how far the connecting shaft moves - doesn't seem to be moving enough, but I think it's at the full length of the rod throw from the slave.


I've read countless forums and am just totally stuck. Any help would be great.