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Thread: Galvy run anyone? (I have misc SIII rover parts to re-galvanize)

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    Default Galvy run anyone? (I have misc SIII rover parts to re-galvanize)

    Title says it all. I'm in Southern Maine and have lost track if there is anyone local (within 200 miles?) still re-galvanizing series rover parts? Last I recall there was a place in Everette MA?

    Either way, I'm looking to join in and share the cost with anyone else that may be in the same situation (assuming that it is still somewhat affordable).

    Looking to dip the following:

    Rear tow plate
    bonnet steel support
    L&R bulkhead to chassis mounts
    Winch cradle
    rear grab handles\ bumperettes
    Reat door grab handle (inside)
    rear door spare tire bracket
    bonnet prop rods
    misc axle pieces.

    - Talbot
    Southern Maine

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    Hi Talbot.

    Someone I know has used these guys. He had bulkhead, doors, etc... done.

    What time frame are you looking to do this? I would be interested but the items I would want to do would take sometime to prepare. Well let me know.

    Cheers, Tom

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    I would also be interested in adding items to the galvanizing pile. I also would need some time to prep the items that I would like galvanized. I am also in southern Maine.

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    Hi guys, I haven't been the forum for a while, but I too have a pretty large list of parts to galvanize, if we think it helps reduce cost with a larger batch. I would need a few weeks to prepare.
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