Good Morning, This is my first post, I hope its not too long but this an odd situation (to me anyway).
2012 HSE (non SC) 100k
I keep my RR in the garage, unlocked and alarm not set. For the last 14 days, (every day) the alarm triggers between 4am & 7am. Sometimes the fob stops it, others not; sometimes starting the car stops it, others not; a couple times it triggered with the car already running. Most of time, I must disconnect the battery to stop it.
Battery is 4 years old, but load tests good (tested by battery shop) resting voltage 12.7V, it starts every time during the trigger event (and normal starts).
Steps I've already taken: Changed batteries in both fobs, Checked and tightened every positive and ground connection I can get to (without major disassembly), locked and set alarm over night (still triggered early am), used code scanner to read & clear any codes (no codes noted, cleared anyway).
The only commonality day to day I can think of is ambient temperature. The ambient air reaches it's coldest about 4am. I live in So Cal, weather has been unseasonably hot (105H/80L), it now has cooled some (85H,60L). However, the over night low temp is not 'cold' at about 60, warm compared to other locations.
The dealership chuckled and said "never heard that one before", bring it in 2 weeks we'll keep it overnight and check it out. I've asked every shop in the area that works on LR/RR, same answer ... "strange, no idea".

Thank you in advance for your thoughts.
Thanks Jeff