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Thread: Series II front axle flip

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    Default Series II front axle flip

    Hey all,
    Im working on a 1960 Series II. Im working on converting to a toyota v8 and trans/transfer. I know this is gonna generate some hate, but Im doing it anyway .

    The hangup Ive got is that the trans I want to use is Drivers side drop and the original front axle is Passenger side diff. I know that many axle housings can be flipped with a bit of fab work, but this one appears it could be easier than most due to its bolt on knuckles. Im thinking I could flip the axle, modify the existing leaf mounts, swap the knuckles side-to-side, flip the differential back to its original (right side up orientation), and re-fab the diff cover.

    Has anyone done this?
    Will my caster come out right or will it be all funky?
    Is a Landy axle with drum brakes worth it? Or should I swap in a Driver-diff axle (with disc brakes) and sell the original? Dana's from a Jeep look like an obvious choice but I'm open to suggestions...

    If I rebuild the front I will still need a rear diff and axle shafts (anybody got some they wanna sell?)


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    As the swivel housings are common to both sides, I can only presume the caster is achieved by bolt pattern on each end of the axle case , so I think turning over the axle will reverse the caster which is 3 degrees . One could rotate the case to correct but it would angle the differential by 6 degrees

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    Thanks for the feedback roverp! I could just use a 6 degree pinion shim to correct this right? Like this:

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    Also, as I think about this more.... Has anyone hear mounted their front end Spring-over-axle. This could give me a moderate lift (not necessary but could be fun) and I wouldnt have to mess with the leaf perches at all. The transmission Im using is pretty long so I imagine the driveshaft axle wouldnt be terrible.

    Edit to add:
    The long transmission would, however, make my rear driveshaft angle pretty bad if I SOA'd that to match the front ride height. Im anticipating a real short drive shaft...

    Maybe SOA with shortened shackles to achieve a milder lift?

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    Sounds like the ideal setup.....IF you have LOTS of life and health insurance!! AND you're pretty much assured of quick membership in the rollover club. Hope you already have a roll cage.

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    Haha. Thanks Charles. But if safety was a primary concern Id buy a Subaru instead of a 60s milsurp truck with no ABS, disc brakes, crumple zones, air bags, seatbelts, or roof.

    Really though, aside from the drum brakes, is there something Im missing that would make this more unsafe than any other lifted Jeep?

    Ill admit that the added safety is part of the appeal of the Dana swap. Disc brakes seem like a good idea once these are built to exceed 40mph

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