Hey all,
Im working on a 1960 Series II. Im working on converting to a toyota v8 and trans/transfer. I know this is gonna generate some hate, but Im doing it anyway .

The hangup Ive got is that the trans I want to use is Drivers side drop and the original front axle is Passenger side diff. I know that many axle housings can be flipped with a bit of fab work, but this one appears it could be easier than most due to its bolt on knuckles. Im thinking I could flip the axle, modify the existing leaf mounts, swap the knuckles side-to-side, flip the differential back to its original (right side up orientation), and re-fab the diff cover.

Has anyone done this?
Will my caster come out right or will it be all funky?
Is a Landy axle with drum brakes worth it? Or should I swap in a Driver-diff axle (with disc brakes) and sell the original? Dana's from a Jeep look like an obvious choice but I'm open to suggestions...

If I rebuild the front I will still need a rear diff and axle shafts (anybody got some they wanna sell?)