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Thread: A clunk in the steering linkage

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    Default A clunk in the steering linkage

    I have purchased a new steering relay to hopefully remedy the clunk in my steering wheel while going over bumps. Has anyone experienced this noise?

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    Hi there
    What led you to the steering relay?
    I would suggest checking the spring bushings, shock bushings and the spring shackles.
    Any of the above can cause a “clunk” when going over speed bumps or potholes, if they are worn.
    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for replying. Actually I don't need the relay I bought on E bay. It turns out that the Pittman arm attached to the steering box was loose! Upon tightening the large nut and tightening up the fitting on the splines the clunk has all but disappeared. I'll go off road to see if I can shake something loose....just kidding. So far no clunk. And I feel better knowing that the Pittman arm won't slip off the box.

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    Well Les, my "clunk" is still there. Could a worn steering box cause the noise?

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    Nigel, how were the splines on both the drop arm and steering relay?
    I d also check the steering box to bulkhead bolts/nuts and the vertical bracket from chassis to steering box. All should be set to the relevant torque settings.

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    In addition is the oil level correct in the steering box ,also clamps to ball joints ,and fixings the steering arm onto the swivel housings OK?

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    4 new shocks get installed this week. Now I have to find out why the car is fuel starved at extended hi throttle settings (uphills). It bucks like a bronc until I let off the gas. Fuel filter? And this with an electric fuel pump installed as well.

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    Default "clunk" in steering?

    First of all, Les, thank you for your expert advice. It appears that the noise I have experienced for a few months was related to a worn out RR wheel bearing which was leaking. Yet I felt the shock throughout the entire car, not just up front. When the hub was rebuilt properly the "clunk" disappeared completely. Also the diff oil had some metal in it so I'll check it in a few hundred miles to see if it is still contaminated. Thus far all seems well. And thanks to all who replied to my previous posts.

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