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Thread: Questions About Installing Holley Sniper Throttle Body System in Rover V8

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    Default Questions About Installing Holley Sniper Throttle Body System in Rover V8

    I have some questions for someone who has installed a Holley Sniper EFI in a Rover 3.5/3.9 L V8.

    First question is did you install two temp senders? The Sniper system requires a water temp signal and I want to keep my water temp indicator in the instrument cluster. Did you use the same sender for both signals (is that possible)? Or did you install a second water temp sender? And where did you install it?

    Second question is did you stay with stock distributor or change to an aftermarket version? The Sniper instruction manual indicates that it will have increased performance if the sniper computer can adjust timing rather than using standard vacuum advance. Has anyone done this and what distributor did you use?

    For background I have a Rover 3.5V8 installed in a 1985 110. The engine is from an early 90s middle east spec Discovery and has a 9.35 compression ratio. I am also using an Edelbrock Performer intake manifold. I plan to use the 2 barrel sniper with an adapter to mount on the Edelbrock manifold.
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    Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication....I thought the beauty of the Land Rover lay in its bedrock simplicity. Don't all 'improvements' include additional problems?

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