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Thread: What carburetor are you running?

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    Default What carburetor are you running?

    Thought Id take a poll to see what carburetor everyone is using on their series truck and what kind of fuel economy and power youre getting. Ive used both Rochester and Webers. Got 20MPG with my Rochester on my series 3 (with 15 wheels). Im currently running a Weber ICH on my Series 2a. Both were set up with Pertronix electric ignition. Not much power on my current rig and fuel economy is definitely less than 20MPG with 16 tires.
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    After multiple rebuilds of the original Zenith I purchased the Chinese version from our hosts. That worked for about a year before the accelerator pump plunger started sticking.
    After a half dozen temporary fixes gave up and got the Weber. Its been working great, compared to the Zeniths. Can't speak to how much power I have, but it's no worse than with the prior carbs. I'm sure MPG is under 20, but it's probably no worse than my daily driver - a Ford F250 with 7.3 liter "Godzilla' engine.

    I do get about 100 smiles per gallon, which is what matters.

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