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Thread: 3 Amigos - Help me Hunt!

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    This could be fun...

    I've had three amigos ever since I got my 99 D2 in 2017 (younger, broker, clueless). I've restored just about the whole truck at this point, now I just have to battle 3 Amigos.

    I started with the Option B bypass (ground one side of shuttle valve and splice other into the green/yellow on the modulator plug) - no dice. Since I do everything backwards, I checked continuity on the shuttle valve switch itself. I had 3 ohms consistently, even when I pressed down on one or both sides of the switch (from what I hear, it's supposed to go to 2 ohms when I press a side and 1 ohm when I press both). Finally, I bought an LR code reader and checked it out because I didn't want to replace the shuttle valve for no reason... I got 12 codes in return:

    0204 - ECU Ground or Reference Ground Fault
    0140 - Shuttle Valve Switch Long Term Failure
    0308 - Front Left Outlet Valve Open Circuit
    0320 - Rear Right Outlet Valve Open Circuit
    0420 - Rear Left Sensor Output Too Low
    0440 - Front Left Sensor Output Too Low
    0480 - Rear Right Sensor Too Low
    0680 - Rear Right Sensor Electrical Failure
    0820 - Rear Left Sensor Signal Erratic
    0840 - Front Left Sensor Signal Erratic
    0880 - Rear Right Sensor Signal Erratic
    0B10 - Shuttle Valve Switch Electrical Failure

    The help I need is to decipher these codes. I can't tell if one of these problems is tripping everything, if they're all issues, solutions? Let me know if I should try anything and I'll give it a shot. If anyone can link another thread that'll help me out, I'll go ahead and delete this one, don't want to oversaturate.

    Thanks guys,

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    Don't panic... First thing to do is (find) check and clean all your grounds (earths?). There is one in particular in the area of the driver's side head light (It's been a while so I can't be exact, and my two D2's were in a different places). Loss of this ground will cause havoc with the anti-lock. Find the ground and clean well, I always put metallic anti-seize on ground connections to prevent any further corrosion and give a good connection. Anti-seize also works well preventing corrosion on the battery posts. Oh, I have both a '99 and a '03 D2, so been there done that. Also try 'Discoweb' a little more specialized on Discos.

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    Thanks for the reply - I'll go clean those grounds and let you know how it goes!

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    I see on DiscWeb you're 75% ahead on your problem. Hopefully that will make it easier to get things sorted.

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