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Thread: 1967 Series IIA 88 Station Wagon Project

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    Default 1967 Series IIA 88 Station Wagon Project

    I bought this Land Rover 6 years ago in pieces. I sent it out for painting, and I'm just now getting it back and I can't do the work anymore. I don't have it yet so pictures will have to come later. Included are a lot of Series IIA and III parts, including a transmission the PO claimed to have rebuilt and a disassembled Series II engine. The trim has been re-galvanized, and I bought a used Series III engine from Bob Davis and 16" wheels back when I thought I would do it myself. Everything is in Phoenix, but not together at the moment. If interested, please reply to this thread as I already get a lot of calls from strange numbers. Hope to have some photos to add to this in the next week or so. After keeping my vehicle for 6 years, the paint & body shop is being sold so I have to make an appointment to just take pictures. The Land Rover has the tropical roof and is painted in the original light green. marcjoseph

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    I'm interested but lots of unknowns. Do you have a price in mind?

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    Also interested but need more details, pictures, price?

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    Is this still available?

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