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    I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the NRP Stainless Exhaust kit with the Magnaflow muffler? I am thinking about making this upgrade, but wondered if anyone else has any experience with the quality, ease of fitment, and how this thing sounds. I don't want a loud annoying exhaust, but certainly don't mind hearing an exhaust rumble. Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom!

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    you might consider a set of headers with that?

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    I also am considering, how much are they getting for stainless steel piping and a muffler?

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    I had an NRP SS system on my RHD SIII 88 quite a while ago and found the chassis mounts weren't in the correct locations for the brackets on the pipes, other wise the fit was fine. The exhaust note was more 'blappy' sounding and a bit louder than stock. I didn't note any increase in power but the larger diameter pipe had to help. I continued to use the aft part of the system after I installed a 3.9 Rover V8, and it was quite a bit louder. A neighbor said he could always tell when I passed by on my way to work....

    I installed stainless studs on the exhaust manifold and ended up using brass nuts to prevent future galling of the SS nuts on the studs. The system held up well for several years of use, but I wouldn't buy another.


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    Hey Jim, do you know who sells headers for the 2.25?

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    I have a set of tubular aftermarket 2.25 headers...been trying to give them away. Yours for free if you want to pay shipping

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    pic if interested
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    I have the NRP s.s. exhaust on my SIIA 88. As others have mentioned, the welded bracket on the mid pipe didn't line up with the bracket on the frame of the Rover. It was off by an inch at least. It is also quite noisy, noisier than I like anyway. Sounds like some high school kid's Ford Focus ST or something. Otherwise I like it, I guess.

    Walker makes a MagnaFlow quiet muffler that I think would fit. I've always said I was going to look at that, but I never have.

    Good luck.

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    please disregard the free tube headers...went off to scrap yard

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