Hi all, Towards the end of last year I purchase a 66 Series 2A 88 and have been working since on repairs since it had been sitting for 15-20 years. Iíve just gotten to a point where Iím ready to see if I can get it running, but am battling a no spark issue. Iíve replaced the coil, distributor cap, rotor, condenser, and cleaned the points. I can see spark at the points when turning the motor over with the starter and a nice big spark from the king lead when grounded. Itís making it this far, but not getting to the new spark plugs. Iíve double checked the wire connections and all are tight. Iím wondering if there is some fitment problem with the new cap I purchased? When I purchased the vehicle it still had the wires and cap with the threaded ďacornĒ nuts. The folks here at Rovers North recommended the new push in style cap and wires. Iím not sure what else to checkÖ Has anyone ran into this issue before? FYI the distributor is the original Lucas 25d. Thanks.