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Thread: Unequal front springs

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    Default Unequal front springs

    I tried installing new front leaf springs on my 70 SIIA and the new ones are too tall. The shocks are at their top limit and the car is a few inches taler in the front. The rear springs are new and they fit but not the front. Any ideas?

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    check part numbers and get the "ride height" out of the book. one or the other is wrong or else the shackles have moved on you on install ?

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    Are they parabolic springs? I had this same issue after installing parabolic springs on my 109". The factory shocks will not extend far enough to accommodate for the height increase you get from parabolics. You'll need to go to a Pro-comp or Old Man Emu shock.
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    VERY common problem!!! So new springs original shocks. Your new springs could B up-spec'd, [so taller](Obviously the new springs will be taller than the old ones but U didn't say by how much? U could try letting the weight on them settle the springs but that may take some long is the big ??

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    Thanks! I agree. Since the new springs are stiffer and NEW, I'll wait until they settle down before I get worried. Actually they ride very well. The shop had not experienced this issue before and neither have I.

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    Actually The car has settled a bit and the ride is much better. I'll wait until they settle down and they should be fine. Thanks!

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    The car has settled on the new springs and it rides great.

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