I’m in need of a few pairs of upgraded 24 spline front halfshafts for my Series Land Rovers. They are all significantly upgraded with engine swaps and after a few breakages I would really like to address the issue.

I can easily get a 4-pin 4.7 diff built with 24-spline side gears and I can get HD front 24 spline hubs… but there does not seem to be a source of shafts.

Obviously Jim/Mercedes made the excellent units under his SeriesTrek brand but these have not been available for many years.

Looking at the photographs on TerriAnne’s webpage (here, http://www.expeditionlandrover.info/...xleRebuild.htm) - the U-joint is a 371 and I’m guessing that the yoke was based on an aftermarket Dana 30 product. I guess I could order a set of “blank” (no splines) uprated shafts that feature the same yoke from a company like TenFactory and have the shafts cut and splined to suit, but unsure if they are heat treated and I’d still need to sort the bearing races and seal paths.

But if anyone knows of any suppliers of these shafts then please do let me know. From old posts I’m assuming that the SeriesTrek designs were sold to Overland Engineering but I haven’t been able to speak with them yet.

Any help would be much appreciated.