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Thread: Part needed

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    Bob - Many thanks!!! Got to keep a bookmark for this place. In all my google searches Fittings Space never came up. Just placed the order. Found out that they do not advertise on google. sales person said that I am not the first land rover customer looking for these kind of fittings!


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    Glad to help. You'll likely need a copper sealing or crush washer for the fitting to cylinder head joint, but like the hose barb they should be available from plenty of places.


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    Quote Originally Posted by jvsimmons View Post
    Adviars - Thank you for your offer! But I believe that the 1960 engine is "english threaded" and if you do have the part I need, it would not fit my engine. LR switched over to metric threads in 1980. My engine is a 1986 2.5L petrol so threads are metric. However I must thank you as your offer gave me an idea - maybe I should post my "parts needed" in the Defender section of the RN forum where it is more likely to find someone with the metric threaded part.
    I am switching the 2.25 Diesel in my 1983 Series 3 County 88 with the Defender petrol 4 cylinder of the early Defender years.
    Sure thing. Im a toyota nerd but new to rovers. I didnt know when they made the switch but assumed 60 wouldve been too old (Hence posting before I started digging...)
    Happy hunting.

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