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Thread: Reverse shift lost spring tension

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    The spring pressure which helps keep you from selecting reverse by mistake went away on my 1967 2a last week. Is this spring located in the top of the transmission and can it be accessed without removing the transmission? It is still drivable but if it is an internal part I'm afraid of doing damage if there is broken spring material inside the case. I was going to remove the floorboards and look this weekend but the temperature in Brooklyn dropped to 14 degrees with high wind. I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction on this problem.

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    The mechanism is external to the box so cannot fall inside the case. The reverse stop is a spring loaded flap that is bolted to the reverse selector shaft outside the main box . One of two things are most likely to have failed. The flap has a threaded adjuster which could have come loose and that allows the springs to come loose & fall out or the springs may have failed . You can just about get at it without taking the floor or tunnel out through the plate on the side where the yellow 4x4 knob/shaft goes. Unscrew the yellow knob, & take off the spring underneath and then remove the plate where the rod goes through. The screws go into a captive nut so there is nothing to fall underneath . You then can just access the flap mechanism to either adjust the stop or replace the two springs . I had it happen on mine and was able to rectify it at the side of the road . It is a fiddle get at through the side plate & if you can take the tunnel cover off it will be a lot easier . I would add, the springs if loose can fall into the selectors and prevent one engaging a gear, which doesn't cause any damage just awkward to drive!
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    Hi RoverP480. Thia exactly what I was hoping to hear. I couldn't find this information in the transmission section of my Haynes manual so I really appreciate your advice and the illustrations.
    Thanks and regards,

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    mine has been inop for so long i forgot what it was like!

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