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Thread: Land Rover Series Engine Number Identification

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    Default Land Rover Series Engine Number Identification

    Hi everyone.
    Iím new on the forum, and look for years of trading photos, expertise, and suggestions.
    I recently bought a Land Rover Santana 1967 series 2a.
    My exhaust manifold is missing one stud and is leaking fumes. The noise as someone may know, feels like Iím driving with my head under the hood.
    I need to fix it.
    Besides finding the correct manifold, I need help in identifying precisely what motor do I have.
    I found the number just bellow the manifold.
    It is: 558114.
    I looked in this forum and around the web and no luck finding what this motor number represents.

    Can anyone help me, please.



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    Hey there
    Is yours a 3 stud or 4 stud exhaust manifold?


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    Hi Les.
    It is a 4 stud exhaust manifold. One is broken.
    Anything you can inform to assist in identifying the engine, and possibly finding parts so I can repair will be VERY MUCH appreciated.

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    It is a diesel motor

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    I saw a post from a handy guy that fixed the manifold by drilling new holes and welded cutoff stainless screws as new studs.
    My concern is the manifold braking and making the problem a bigger one. I would like to have a spare, just in case.

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    Again, it is a 4 stud exhaust manifold, diesel motor.
    Iíve see a few manifolds. My exhaust pipe connects to the side of the manifold.
    Iíve seen a few where the exhaust pipe connects to the manifold from the bottom.
    I donít know if the manifold is interchangeable, requiring just alterations how it connects to the exhaust pipe.

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