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Thread: Manifold on a Diesel engine of an 1967 Land Rover Santana 2a

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    Unhappy Manifold on a Diesel engine of an 1967 Land Rover Santana 2a

    Hi everyone:

    I bough recently a 1967 Land Rover Santana series 2a diesel motor.
    I am looking to repair several little and some not so small problems.
    I have the motor block number, but I was unable to find any details about any specifics on the motor. Maybe someone can give me some information.
    The manifold is one of the problems I want to tack first. It is making a lot of noise where the exhaust leaks out. I am missing one of the 4 studs in there, and exhaust fumes leak inferiorly.
    I will place some photos here for your appreciation and hopefully you can guide me in how to repair or where to find parts for it.
    I am afraid in trying to drill and weld one more stud, I may end causing more damage to the manifold. I would like to buy a Manifold just in case this one breaks in the attempt of repairing it.

    Please see the photos and give your opinion and how to go by repairing it.

    I sincerely appreciate the assistance.

    Thank you very much.

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    Try this number 536514 4 stud manifold

    You could be lucky and find either a used one or New Old Stock one even.

    Good luck.
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    I have a 2.25 diesel manifold if you need/would like one.

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