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Thread: 71 Series IIa V8 swap question

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    Default 71 Series IIa V8 swap question

    Hey everyone,
    I'm getting ready to install a Rover V8 4.0 into my 71 Series IIa 109. Will also be installing an R380 & LT230, P38 power steering and D1 axles. Will the V8 4.0 bellhousing work or will it be too long? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, Bob
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    You should be able to make it all work. I have a Rover 3500 V-8 engine and LT95 Trans/Transfer case (It's a one piece set-up)with Fairy over drive in my '76 Series III 109. If the length of the bell housing is your only problem you'll be very lucky. It takes a bit of fab work to put these all together. Just set the engine and trans into the frame and see where you are. Easier to mock things up first rather than to guess wrong where things need to be. Same goes for the axle conversion. It all looks a little different once things are placed where they're supposed to go. Good Luck...

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    Thanks mearstrae!

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    I don't think this will help but you never know.....i have a 3.5 rover engine with a "factory" bellhousing adaptor and a 5-speed gearbox. I could help with measurements but what u have planned seems a much better idea. Disco axles r close to defender axles but r not actually the same but i understand they'll work. I also have a pair of complete, hub-to-hub d90 axles complete with calipers with less than 15 miles on them. Yeah, that's not a misprint.

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