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Thread: Anitluce (droplock) for tailgate?

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    Default Anitluce (droplock) for tailgate?

    Question: I see online you can buy the antiluce locks with threaded posts to go through the rear body galvy corner plate. Are those the type that are needed if you're adding a tailgate to a non-original tailgate 88"? (mine is stock with OG hardtop and rear door)

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    I ask as I also see the brackets for sale (see attached pic) that don't seem to have threaded posts poking out the back. In the pic, it looks as though the plate is practically sitting on top of the wood... ie: no post poking out back side. Perhaps on this type the back of the post is hammered flat vs. taking a nut, and this type was installed on trucks that were ordered with tailgates.(?)

    I'm looking to buy the antiluce and just want to be sure I buy the correct ones... and I don't need to, nor want to, replace my original riveted corner plates. thus my above question as I'm just hoping to drill holes for the threaded/nutted lock posts. Thanks

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    I used the antiluse locks with the threaded posts on my 88 when I went from hard top to soft top. Drill the hole, bolt them on and job done.

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    Sounds good - thanks Brett.

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