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Thread: Fuel line repair and fuel pump to engine

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    Default Fuel line repair and fuel pump to engine

    Hello all. I was wondering if this fuel line is repairable. It looks like it may be a heat-shrink type. But I don’t have a clue. I have a small kink in the end and I’d like to cut off and repair it. The 2nd picture of the fuel pump. It is on my 1971 Series 2A. The engine is newer Series 3 #901xxxx. I’m wondering about the plate between the fuel pump and the engine block. Is this typical? I’m trouble shooting a starving carburetor and just needed to ask.Thanks. Attachment 14246
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    The fuel line is made from PA11 or 12 ( Nylon) and the end could be remade . I have seen them manufacture and the plastic pipe is just warmed up and pushed over the steel end fitting. I have made many replacement pipes by warming, just the end of the tube , very gently with a hot air gun and pushing it over the barbs. Too hot & it will just buckle . It just needs little heat to allow it to soften enough to need a firm push. Remember to fit the tube nut over the pipe first! Attached a picture of the end fitting .
    The Fuel pump is mounted on the steel plate & that is standard . Check you have no blockage of the filter on the pick up pipe inside tank and also the filter gauze in the lift pump , accessible by taking off the glass bowl. Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks a lot for the information and picture roverp. I was hoping the fuel line could be repaired. I figured out the problem and the Rover is running great. I had 2 fuel pumps, a mechanical and electrical. It always had 2 since Iíve owned it 20+ yrs. Started having problem with it a couple years ago not as bad though as recently. Thatís when I replaced these parts. I have duel tanks both are brand new, rebuilt carburetor the other day, 2 yr old fuel pumps. I bypassed the duel tank switch, not the problem. Fuel lines seemed clear. I have a secondary canister fuel filter. It was changed. I removed the electric fuel pump, test ran it in a bucket of kerosene and it pumped great. So I was suspicious of the mechanical pump and the small kink in fuel line. The electrical fuel pump would only trickle fuel before it got to the mechanical fuel pump so that ruled out mechanical pump. I couldnít figure out why it electrical pump trickled when it was on the Rover but ran great in a bucket. The ground and hot were both good. Well I bypassed the electrical pump and now itís running great. Happy days are here again. I suspect something went wrong with the electrical fuel pump. Weather turn on or off it didnít flow enough for the mechanical pump. It is a new high grade Facet without the back-flow preventer 2.5-4 psi, just like the one I ran for years. And yes I changed the pump filter and it was pretty much clean. I really donít mind working on it. Iím retired now, I have the time and I donít mind a good challenge. This forum is a lot of help. Thanks again for the help. Iíll fix the fuel line eventually.

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