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Thread: Cleaning the garage, several Series III items for sale!

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    Default Cleaning the garage, several Series III items for sale!

    I have cleaned out my garage and have a couple of items for sale for a Series I, II or III (where appropriate). The attached pictures show everything I had but the list below describes what is left:

    1) Weber Carburetor (including choke cable), 1 year old, perfect condition, you can have a second 30 year old (more or less functional) Weber for free for spares if you want it. Price: $150;
    2) Adapter Base Assembly Weber, 30 years old but in fine shape. $80;
    3) Fuel pumps, several years old, fully functional. Price: $25 each;
    4) Alternator, fully functional, small piece of the pastic cover at the back broken out, $70;
    5) Oil filter housing (without filter element), Price: $80;

    I am based in Tennessee (Postal code 37830). Buyer pays shipping and I am willing to send it anywhere in the USA. Payment via PayPal, Venmo or Apple Pay.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I could use the motor/xmission mounts, Only because I can't find mine!!!
    probably a fuel pump, what shape are the pumps in?
    thx, Jim

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    Do you have a phone number or email that I could use to ask about the carburetors? And perhaps other items. My email is Thanks

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    Is the carb & base still available?

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    How much for the gas pedal?
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    Are those good AC/ fuel pumps?

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