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Thread: The anti theft lock has shut down my Rover

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    Default The anti theft lock has shut down my Rover

    I have a 1997 Land Rover Discovery and the anti theft lock all of a sudden activated. I bought the vehicle and was given 2 keys none of which has a remote to unlock/lock the vehicle. I tried to use my key in the driver's door and found out the lock is broken and the actuator in the door works whenever it wants to. I tried so many things to get my vehicle back running however whenever I try to crank it up it acts like it's not getting any fuel. I pressed the inertia switch under the hood and a button in the tailgate area on the right side of the vehicle and still it won't run. I pulled the fuse to the radio and whenever I try to crank it up the radio still makes a noise like its on. I'm stomped on this one because I need my vehicle to run because it's my only transportation and I don't really have help or know too much of what to do. Has anyone else experienced this and how do I fix this problem so it will run again. Please someone help me with this problem because I would love to just remove the anti theft alarm and immobilizer so my vehicle will run but is it even possible if so is there a way to bypass both? Also can I take the actuator out the passenger door and put it in the driver's door so it will work correctly? Can the lock from the passenger side door work on the driver's side door?? Please someone help me out.

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    You might find more help over on DISCO WEB. There are write-ups on such problems and the forum folks help out. I understand there is a thing called a SPIDER that can be installed to by-pass such troubles. My Disco's are Series 2's and I haven't had this happen (YET).

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