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Thread: Free to a Good Home: Series 2 & 3 Parts

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    Hello everyone. I cleaned out my garage today and made two piles, one for junk that just needs to go to the tip, and one for things that others may find useful. If you would like any of these things, they are free to you if you come pick them up. I'm in Michigan. Please don't ask me to ship unless it's for something very small, and even then don't ask me for a shipping quote.

    Here's what I have.

    1. Two decent windscreens, one for S2 hinges and one for S3 hinges.

    2. A bunch of galvanized trim in really decent shape. I think there's enough in here for a complete kit, but can't guarantee it.

    3. Side-folding, forward-facing Exmoor Trim seats. Also shown is a pair of slides for front seat (S2 or S3, only one set), and a bulkhead vent door, and one piece of trim for roof sides.

    4. Series 2 rear station wagon door.

    5. Composite photo of a S3 radiator, a S2 grill, S2 rear door spare wheel hanger, and heavy duty galvanized steel wire light guards (complete set).

    6. One decent genuine LR bench seat with two bottom cushions. Thought I had two of these, but only one appeared from the garage attic today.

    7. Series 2 bonnet with NLA rectangular rubber buffers.

    8. A pair (L and R) of deluxe roof sides. Window channels are rusty, but otherwise they are in great shape.

    The sills and door bottoms you may also see are already spoken for. If you could use any of the other things, drop me a line at roverhaven at gmail dot com.


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    The parts are spoken for. Thanks to everyone who replied with interest.


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    what a gold mine myron!, It'd be about worth the drive to build a cab for a S2-3.
    that's some good stuff! I'm glad someone has a home for it!

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    Thank you, @jimrr! I was happy to get the garage space back and to help the Series community at the same time. These parts all went to a really good home and will be seeing additional life on Series Land Rover projects.

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