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Thread: Series iia rear door hinge adjustment.

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    Default Series iia rear door hinge adjustment.

    The rubbers were replaced on the rear door of my 69 series iia before I purchased it. Because the rubber seals are newer and thicker, I believe they came from RN, I want to adjust the door so it will close easier. My plan was to shim the hinges out(as in away from the body), as in put some sort of spacer behind the hinges, so that it is not so tight on the hinge side of the door.

    Any experience on this? I have looked for a hinge spacer and have not found anything, which leads me to believe I am headed down the wrong path.


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    sounds better than bending the hinges!, a aluminum plate should do it but make it bigger than the hinge, i'd suggest maybe 2" x 3" or so.

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