Hello all, Iím desperately in need of advice relating to the install of a CB master cylinder for my 88Ē 2A. Iím working to complete a brake system overhaul in which almost all of the brake-related items have been replaced.

Iím having a nightmare of a time with the new CB master cylinders Iíve purchased from RN leaking straight away. I donít in anyway mean to bash RN (theyíve been more than helpful with customer service) but I am at my witís end here. Iíve just installed the 3rd new master from RN today and again itís leaking!!

Iíve gotten the master installed in the tower, tower to bulkhead, installed lines, and filled reservoir with fluid. Iím using a Gunson eezibleed tool at 10-14 psi to pressure bleed the system. With the most recent master Iíve installed there was a noticeable amount of fluid leaking from the bottom of the pushrod boot once pressure was applied and it started running down the brake pedal. Seems to be leaking even without pressure applied. Iíve been careful to only use new LMA brake fluid and have barely worked the pedal (only slightly to fit through the bulkhead for reinstall).

This is getting incredibly old and frustrating, and Iím not sure what my options are here. My original master is not rebuildable, and the others Iíve seen offered are either Britpart or Allmakes (which appears to be what RN is selling). Genuine are like henís teeth and the few Iíve found are $$$ and I wonder if the seals are even usable in them.

I had thought I had just gotten a bad master (okay, it can happen) but after this third one Iím either doing something incredibly wrong (what???) or RN got a bad batch of these and all the ones Iíve gotten have the same issue.

Has anyone else had similar problems or have any thoughts on how I should proceed. Many thanks!