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Thread: 1971 Series 2a wiring diagram

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    Default 1971 Series 2a wiring diagram

    Are the wiring diagrams different for NADA Series Land Rovers? I'm in the process of putting mine back together with the original harness. The wiring diagram I am using is out of the Auotbook Workshop manual. 2.25l petrol, negative earth, head lamps in the wings.

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    No, they'll b differeent from the row [rest-of-world] landys

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    The basic parts will have the same wiring , but unique NADA items are not shown. Members of the LR Series 2 club in the UK have access to many LR publications on its website including drivers Handbooks that have the wiring diagram. I have just looked and the 1971 Model Year NADA is listed but you need to be a member to view.

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    good info 480!, when i get my military 109 or 110 i'll probably have to join!

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