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    I did some cleaning and painting on the engine and transmission of my 1971 Series 2a and when I put things back together the clutch stopped disengaging. I did pull the lever arm from the shaft that engages and disengages the clutch when cleaning. I'm certain that I had to pull HARD to get out of the hole in the shaft due to rust. Now I cannot disengage the clutch by the lever even if I put an adjustable wrench on it for more leverage. I didn't touch the inside of the clutch at all and I don't want to break the forks by applying too much pressure. Does anyone have an idea of what to try?

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    Assuming that 9,10,13,14 are binding but don't know why.

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    This is the problem I'll try the solution

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    Me again, I dropped it several times off a floor jack with the clutch pushed in (and can see the slave cylinder applying pressure to the lever). Had a few nice burnouts but the clutch is still stuck IN. What happens if I shoot PB Blaster down the inspection hole aiming at the throughout bearing. How big of a mess do I make? Like will the clutch slip forever if I do that.

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    get a quality product designed to remove/dissolve rust. there are a few out there but generally not available at napa/carquest etc.
    look at some Kroil Oil products if you have to put something in there. If you get enough in there in the right spots it'll break free.
    after ward you can wash it out with rubbing alcohol or something like that.
    keep us posted .........

    you can get a good shot up thru the water drain in the clutch housing but to drench it & rotate the engine to a few positions. you may take the trouble to remove the starter? (maybe)? it's been a while since i've seen that hole, a lot of flywheel there though.

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    another thing, with the right tool you might be able to pry the flywheel/clutch apart thru the water drain hole in the bottom of the bell housing. removing the clutch slave cylinder and using a solid steel "punch" you may succeed in knocking it apart though I'd be careful banging on the components!! probably safer than skidding the tires, effectivly trying to slip that clutch takes a lot of energy!

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