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    Hello All, (note: I just posted on the thread, but have gone back and edited the price to CAD)

    After 15-years of blood, sweat and gears it is time for Growler II to find a new home. What you cannot see in the pictures is the engine was rebuilt 11-years ago with the 9:1 ported head, performance cam and bigger exhaust. A Sniper EFI was added two summers ago. Not more than 10,000 miles on rebuild, as it has never left the province and is only used for fishing trips. Comes with a 5 x 10' trailer, also in very good shape. Growler seems to get about 25mpg, even at 70+mph. It all runs great, everything works, will do 80mph no problem. Would likely make the drive to just about anywhere if you want to drive it home.

    A general history of the vehicle:
    Purchased in approx. 2008. PO bought it for his wife around 2000 from somewhere on Vancouver Island, and she was promptly hit hard on the front quarter. He took the insurance money, stripped it down, and put a new galvanized frame on it (which he also undercoated). He went through it, fixed everything mechanically and rewired everything, adding a period clock and tach. He did a kind-of crappy body and paint-job on the outside (NICE on inside), but the truck was in darn good shape except for the engine. Still difficult to find a square inch of rust on the frame anywhere.

    A ton of painstaking work (and money) has gone into fixing, maintaining and improving Growler over the years, always going the extra mile. If interested in more information or pictures, a written more-or-less full description of the vehicle is available. If there is something else you think should be posted here, let me know. I have so many pictures it is difficult to know where to stop.

    I am in no rush to sell, and am asking $CAN27,500 for Growler (with the trailer).
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    Hi fellow LR Guys. Even if you do not want or need this truck, it would be nice to hear back from some of you about what you think of the ad, the truck, the price, the pictures - anything. I think Growler really needs a new home now, and is worth about what I am asking, but this is kind-of new to me.

    (forgot to take pictures of trailer. Okay, there's something)

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    Bad time of year?

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    Hi. I just realized this is primarily an American site. I am in Canada and would not expect to get $US27,500 for it. With exchange, $20,600 is my asking price in USD. If you are interested, let's talk and one way or another this vehicle has to be sold.

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    It might be worth adding that Growler is well-suited for cold weather - it has a bunch of unique (custom?) features:

    - A snap-on clear plastic partition between the front seats and the back, so you do not have to heat the whole vehicle - I've never seen one of these before and it is great
    - Nice insulated headliner, white (front and back),
    - Insulated doors and some kind of door cards with an armrest which are custom
    - A big, thick aftermarket insulated one-piece floor mat which was something like $600 from the UK
    - The Kodiak III heater blows heat like a dang
    - I just have a 90C thermostat in there, and it is good at -40.

    I will admit the door seals could use some attention, but I think most of what are needed are included with the spare parts. I haven't ever felt the need to go there, as it is warm-enough.

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    Some pictures of the engine bay would be helpful. I am considering a Holley Sniper for my 88 and I am curious how you did yours. Note that any one is US who buys this truck will probably have to pay import duties. Not sure what they are for 2 door truck though.

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    Hi. Yes, I am remiss with no engine bay pictures (nothing to hide there though). As far as the TBI goes, there are some very good threads on Guns and Rovers which describe it all in the right amount in detail. It was a huge improvement and not very difficult at all.

    You know, I am going to say I don't think so, as it is used. I have a Customs Broker at least, so can get the skinny on all of that.

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    Hi. Sold for asking-price.

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