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Thread: Door hinges between S2A and S3 - interchangeable?

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    Default Door hinges between S2A and S3 - interchangeable?

    Hello. I am restoring a '68 Series 2A/3 that is a mix of parts - I guess depending on what LR had kicking around in the factory. The S2A hinges are causing some issues with door gaps and alignment and I am wondering if I will have a better time with S3 hinges. Anyone have any experience with this? Do Series 3 door hinges work seamlessly on a S2A?


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    My first S3 had 2A door hinges so I suspect it will work the other way as well. Remember the S2 hinges have a vertical centre line which means the door opens in a horizontal plane whereas the S3 hinges line at an angle which means the door lifts at the outer edge on opening & if you do not have the S3 door check the door will hit the body near the top edge. I would add that I think there is a lot more adjustment available using the S2 hinges as you can tip slightly each element individually whereas the S3 is locked together with the pin through the middle
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    Personally i hate the siii hinges 'cuz they make the door close whenever we need 2 get into the cab 4 a moment. And they r not rebuildable. They wear out u buy new 1s!!

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