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Thread: Brake/Clutch Fluid

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    Default Brake/Clutch Fluid

    Due to work/moving, my 1980 88SW has been horribly neglected (not driven in about 3 years), but Iím going to bring her (and her 67 109SW sibling) back to life this summer.

    I know the clutch pedal goes all the way to the floor in the 88, so I suspect it has dumped all its fluid. I would guess the brakes need a top up as well, given the fluid in the wheels.

    I canít seem to find Castrol Dot3/4 anywhere, and I saw in another forum that they donít make it anymore. Is any Dot 3/4 brake fluid a suitable alternate? As my username implies, Iím a complete novice, but trying to learn.

    In general, is it best to drain and replace all fluids that havenít already leaked out after such a long period of sitting unused?

    Thanks in advance.


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    I flushed my s3 brake system once with rubbing alchohol, i don't know if it helped but after that the fluid was clean.
    I see "dot 3 synthetic" dot 5 synthetic, and no doubt 4 is out there as well. I've been using synthetic, previously known as "dot 5" for a few years, it absorbs little if any moisture. I don't know what to make of "dot 3 synthetic" as I figured dot 5 was the final story but I suspect the other dots are a sales ploy now. For all I know dot 4 may be benificial to the ''native rubber'' used in landrovers but now I suspect that old rubber (undoubtably more expensive) may not even be used anymore?
    we need a chemist on here!

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    Our hosts have the fluid you are asking about.

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    Thanks, I hadnít noticed they sold fluids. Ordered, now the easy part is done. In to bleeding (and hoping that is the solution)!

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