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Thread: How did they pull this one off? 1999 D110 for Sale

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    Default How did they pull this one off? 1999 D110 for Sale

    Has anyone seen this ebay listing for a 1999 D110 on ebay? How did they pull this one off and make it legal? It looks great but would you have all the issues of it suddenly being seized for being illegal or did they find some way to make it legal?

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    A) you are correct, a '99 D110 shouldn't be possible to make legal (the VIN shown matches a '99 LHD Td5 D110, FWIW...)

    B) the fact it has a title doesn't matter; state DMVs issue titles; there are many vehicles out there with legal titles that are still illegal, they don't have DOT and EPA certifications...

    C) There is one curious statement: "It spent 7 months being certified by the U.S. department of transportation ". If that's true, then perhaps.... but I would want to see copies of the paperwork, and the label that they would have applied to the vehicle (which is the crux: the label is supposed to read that the vehicle has been modified to conform to that year's US model... which there wasn't one....).

    So, like I said, I'd want to see the paperwork and the label before I'd spend my own money on it.

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    Default Sold! Somebody else's problem now!

    Well it sold for $50,000 so I guess whether it is legal or not is somebody else's problem now!

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