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Thread: 2000 vitesse

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    Default 2000 vitesse

    has anyone heard of this edition? range rover vitesse. the dealer states there are only 500 made. what is the diffrence in this one? thanks

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    Default Sca

    I have never ever ever heard of it and would suspect a scam. If you can't find another one and no one on this forum hasn't heard of it then I would suspect it to not exist.
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    Default The Vitesse DOES exist.

    Along with a few other Special Editions - the 4.6 Holland & Holland,Edie Bauer,Vogue,Linley,County,HSK, and my favorite, Rhino editions, Land Rover produced the Vitesse HSE aswell. The 4.6 HSE Vitesse Edition had a suggested retail price of $67,652 (Kelley Blue Book), had the J.A.M.E.S Navigation system standard and were all black with walnut leather trims. The Phone kit was not available(unlike the HSK editions), but they had wood around the power window switches and had yellow turn signals like the County. Like the County and HSK the Vitesse sticker was not as raised as the other stickers on the tailgate. I do believe they were less-than 500 produced,maybe closer to 200.

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    Default Also on about the Vitesse...

    4.6 HSE Vitesse Edition: The Vitesse Edition models cost $3,000 more than the standard HSE were painted AA Yellow & Monza Red. Vitesse is French for “Speed”. The AA Yellow and Monza Red editions were the same except for the colors. They had all the standard HSE items and ash black leather seats with yellow or red piping . The side mirrors and lower part of the front bumper were painted body color and they has a “blackout grille” (darker plastic than the grills on other models). The inside door handles were chrome rather than black (chrome interior door handles were on all 2000-2002 Range Rover HSEs). The Vitesse came standard with the 300-watt 10 amp Harmon Kardon 12-speaker sound system with “parametric equizalitation” and “active dual-driver subwoofer”. A total of 100 to 150 of each color were sold made (Land Rover Special Edition Brochure from 1997 said a total of 250 of the red and yellow “high impact color” Vitesse editions would be produced). Land Rover sold very few yellow Range Rovers and other than the 1997 Vitesse the only other yellow P38 Range Rovers were a small number of non-Vitesse AA yellow Range Rovers in 1997, the special TReK competition models and the Borego Edition in 2002.

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    Ceven 18 has it right on the money. I've seen a hadful or so of these trucks, something about them makes me appreciate their look, but it's kinda tacky compared to the latest rovers. Especially the interiors with the wild contrasting piping. A little much for my taste.

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    I own a '97 Vitesse. Bought it in June,07 on e-bay. There were at least 5 available for sale at that time from various locales in the US. Two in the Atlanta area where I live, one in FL, one in Michigan that I bought. Mine has black interior w/red piping. I like mine, because I like red cars. I also like graphic blue, and black vehicles and own all three colors. Prices on 97 and 98 models were ranging in the 7-9000 dollars at the time. Miles were typically around 100,000 or a little more. These Vitesses tend to change hands a lot. Mine was owned 3 times before I bought it, but it is in good condition inside and out. Some also had tan interiors aside from the black, but the black looks better, as I have seen both.

    They have not yet become collector priced. Maybe they will , maybe they won't. I just bought mine because I liked the color.
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