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Thread: hybrid ranger rover/ series

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    I can't recall the maker of the rubber fender flares on the 109. They were purchased from Summit, and are secured by screws to the lip on the wheel arch. If I find the old box I will let you know the maker.

    I think the very early narrow 109 16 inch wheels are offset enough to keep the tire edge just inside the original wheel arch. The wheels on our 109 are 7 inch wide steel Disco wheels and had too much spatter without the flares.


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    Default Fans & Flares

    Hi CliftonRover,
    I believe we have talked in the past, its been a while though. JC Whitney has flares that don't cost an arm and a leg. Summit Racing has a nice fan set-up, two fans with a schroud. Various sizes. I used these fans with no problem. Fans are thermostat controled and have an overide switch for fording water so they don't spray the engine. I also mounted the air conditioning fans on the outside as pushers with only an on off switch, I have not needed to turn these on no matter how hot it gets.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mogly406
    Not my website, but you may find this interesting...
    Hi... That's my site... FYI - I moved it from the server in my basement and put it on Flickr:

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    Hey I like the tilt front cap, was it hard to get to work?
    How do you spread the bottom rear to clear the bulkhead?

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    Quote Originally Posted by junkyddog11
    unless you can spend the big $$'s on a really good electric fan system, you'll be better off with the standard engine driven fan. I can't count the amount of builds I've seen with electric fans that are prone to various failures and overheating, that have gone back to engine driven fans.
    The wrecking yard can be your friend

    Bosch electric pusher fan off a V8 Mercedes - $15.

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    Default Hood and Cooling

    I have not been on this forum in a long time. Sorry!
    I would like to answer the last question posted.

    The tilt hood does not need to spread wide to close, it's the location of the front hinge that matters. If the hinge is on the same level as the lowest part of the back of the hood then it will not need to clear the bulkhead because it doesn't reach the bulkhead until it's closed.

    On the cooling. I have absolutely no problem with cooling not having a mechanical engine driven fan. In fact I never took off my Rovers North Radiator Muff this summer, I only opened it. Having a shroud designed for the radiator makes a huge difference because all of the air pulled by the fan must go through the radiator, also the fact that this is not a thirty five year old radiator really helps. If the outside temp is not very hot I can leave my house, get on the highway, get up to speed (70-80+) and it often takes more than 10 miles before the fans come on. Another benefit of not having a mechanical engine fan is the ability to switch it off while in deep water.
    If my Rover were still stock I believe I would still fit an electrical fan with shroud but I would also make sure the radiator was in more than just good condition.

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